Your thniking [sic] matches mine – great minds think alike!

Now we know who the selbisne [sic] one is here. Great post!

“My mum wanted to listen to the podcast. This is her review: Pat has a good radio voice. The start really captured me, it was a great concept. But then it didn’t go anywhere. Am I meant to understand what they are talking about? Your voice is in there too. Who is James again? – AD

“I listen to it before I go to sleep.” -JM

“Like elevator music.” -DM

“Dissolving even as it is made.” -JP

“Smooth and deep as the 400-year-old arctic shark.” -PH

“More private than inside my head.” -BW

“The listener is invited to ponder the question: have the makers of this podcast, as one participant comments, ‘tried to make it really shit’? And if they have succeeded, does that in fact, make the podcast not shit? This is the great question of our times. What seems at first listen to be a series of in-jokes, a patchwork of empty and slightly self-indulgent musings is, upon closer examination, a searing satirical insight into the plight of Gen Y, the collapse of traditional media landscapes, and the aesthetics of post-Fordism. Like all self-aware late capitalist popular culture, the signaling of substance comes to replace the substance itself: introductions are given, music is played, segments are announced and explained, and yet by those very segments being overshadowed by their introduction and explanation, we are pushed to reflect upon the endless packaging and overproduction of infotainment that fill up the spaces of the ever-expanding digital landscape. To appreciate the point of Tears in Rain is to appreciate the point of most contemporary media culture: that there is none.” – AP


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