what we talk about when we talk about the podcast tears in rain the podcast.

episode 1 – two crazy kids start a podcast. hijinks ensue

episode 2 – the podcast meets steve

episode 3 – the hackers got this one. Queries to our cybersecurity expert joshua long (thejoshmeister)

episode 4 – james moves to sydney and they call steve who doesn’t pick up initially

episode 5 – in this episode steve picks up the phone

episode 6 – seeing australia. OB at Wide Open Spaces. OB = Outdoor Broadcast

episode 7 – streets of darwin. A gritty look at some of the issues around the casuarina food precinct chocolate shop

episode 8 – supermoon christmas special. 57MB of content recorded over a three-month period, featuring Beyonce, Moby and MC Requiem. A fitting end to a huge year for the TiR brand

episode 9 – check your privilege, Steph. A review of a review of a review of tears in rain the podcast the podcast, something that has never been done before. Featuring long-time listener, very occasional contributor, Steph.

episode 10 – le podcast is mightier than Le Pen (Marine). Is this our most meaningful episode ever? Liam (intern, content stratification) seems to think it might be.

episode 11 – seeing australia … again. A meditation upon starlight, time, death, and caravans, recorded at Windjana Gorge and Zeebar, Broome. Feat. no guest recordings, consensual or non-.

episode 12 – streets of Sydney. Inland surfboards, buckets of dust, why you abandon your Christmas tree, and one man’s Sisyphean struggle against leaves. Feat. Jess & Matt ‘Sydney to Me’.

episode 14 – the ballad of the co-host. After a thumb drive of audio files is delivered to TIR HQ, the sole remaining creative director and co-host of the podcast sets out to to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the podcast’s other creative director and co-host. Feat. a free online text-to-voice program as co-host. The is the first episode in what we hope will be a long-running and impactful true crime series.


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